Fidelity Working with Coinbase on New Bitcoin Service

The Investment Giant Fidelity Wants to Give Bitcoin to Their Clients

Fidelity is testing a new service for existing Fidelity clients letting them invest in the new cryptocurriences including Bitcoin. The partnership is between Fidelity Labs and Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin wallet and exchange that services 9 million clients.

Together the two will allow Coinbase users to view their Bitcoin holdings alongside their typical investment holdings in their Fidelity portfolio.

“We are trying to create the best customer experience,” Hadley Stern, managing director at Fidelity Labs, told Business Insider.”When we allowed customers to donate bitcoin to our charitable fund we were unsure about how many people would do it, but it played out well.”

It’s noted that Fidelity’s CEO is a Bitcoin enthusiast and may be the push behind this partnership.

“Some of you might be wondering: Why am I here today?” Johnson said, according to the Journal.”I’m here because I love this stuff… all that the future might hold.”


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